When to lease or buy; what kind of taxable benefits to give your employees; what to do when you’re busy, but still have no cash in the bank. You need all that plus your taxes. 


Who and Where

My business is based in Calgary and it doesn't just include me. Over the years, I've created a network of colleagues who provide me and my clients occasional advice and support.

I grew up in the far reaches of northern Alberta and I sometimes talk in a way that makes people think I like country music (I do not). I was a town-kid though, so I do have an air of sophistication.

Jokes aside, you're really here to find out if I'm a good fit for your business. I could go into all the boring details about my professional background (a decade as a CA, CPA specializing in tax for owner-managed business) but, quite frankly, I know it's hard to tell accountants apart based on their resume. Most accountants are pretty good at number crunching, but not every accountant is right for your business.

So, yes I have a lot of experience with owner-managed businesses in many industries. I've also spent my life involved in a family business.

My parents are small business owners and have been for decades. I've been involved in their businesses from childhood, first as an employee and then as their accountant. I've seen most of the good and bad of running a business. I've sat at kitchen table meetings trying to figure out what the heck to do about [take your pick] issues at every stage of business.

Buying a business? Check

"Eating" the camper and truck when new business isn't as great as you thought? Check

Recover and build a successful business with loyal customers? Check

Keep up with industry changes? Check

Adapt to a downturn? Check

Sell a business and retire? Check

All of this adds up to an adviser with deep technical knowledge and insight into the real-world challenges you face as a business owner.

Sounds like a good fit? Want the nitty gritty on my qualifications? Contact me at rojean@papermountainaccounting.ca




Some of the services I offer are traditional, but my focus is on helping you use your financial information to improve your business. My services include:

  • Cloud accounting set up
  • Tax returns and tax planning
  • Financial statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business advisory
  • Business health checkup
  • Advice tailored to your business

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