2016 Quick Guide: How-To Improve Your Cash Balance

Does it feel like your business is successful but somehow always short on cash? Business owners often get caught up in the daily rush of customers, suppliers and employees but they don’t always have time to brainstorm ways to improve their business. Cash flow is one of the key areas to focus on when you’re running a business. Download our free guide on how to improve your cash balance! 

2016 Quick Guide: How-To Reduce Costs for Small Businesses

If you’re like most business owners, you spend most of your time running daily operations and less time planning and budgeting. It’s always good policy to manage costs on a regular basis, but if it’s something you haven’t focused on before or if your business is starting to struggle, now is the right time to take a step back from your operations and have a look at the big picture. Download our free guide on how to reduce costs for a small business!

2016 Quick Guide: How-To Start a Small Business When You Don't Have Much Cash

So you have a great idea and you think it would be a viable business...There’s just one hitch though: you don’t have much money to sink into start up costs and you don’t want to have to struggle with loan payments. It’s a common issue for new business owners and it is do-able, it just takes some elbow grease. One thing that can make up for lack of funding is time. If you have time, then you probably have most of what you need to make your business succeed, without much money. Download our free guide on starting a small business on a budget!

2016 Quick Guide: How-To Use a Cash Flow Forecast

For the majority of small business owners, the bank balance is literally the most important account in their business. Profits may be up, but if your business doesn’t have cash, it will suffer. Many business owners wonder how they can be busy, but short on cash. A cash flow forecast is the first step in understanding how cash moves through your business and in figuring out what you can do to improve your cash balance. Download our free guide on how to use a cash flow forecast! 

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