You can buy easy-to-use tax software to prepare a basic personal tax return (TurboTax is great for non-accountants), but if you have a complex tax situation it can be worth it to hire an accountant to prepare your return. 

When should you hire an accountant to prepare your personal tax return?

 If you have:

  • A rental property
  • A unincorporated business
  • Bought or sold properties
  • Received, or sold, stock options
  • Significant investments
  • Work, or own property, in other countries


  • If you have several years of late returns to file
  • If you're being audited by Canada Revenue Agency

We can guide you through the nuances of these complex tax situations and ensure you don't pay any more tax than you need to, while minimizing your tax risk.

What we offer:

  • Over a decade of experience specializing in Canadian tax, including personal tax
  • Prompt service
  • Fixed fees

If you'd like a free quote for preparing your 2016 personal tax return, contact us.